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Detailed product information on electromagnetic wave control body

Frequency characteristics graph

It is possible to adjust relative permittivity and permittivity by changing types or volume of filling materials. Relative permittivity can be adjusted in the range from 3 to 80 to deal with 2 GHz used for mobile phones.

It is also possible to adjust relative permittivity and permittivity for 10 MHz used for Intra-body Communication. (This graph shows an example in compliance with the International Standards set 150 for relative permittivity and 0.6 [S/m] for permittivity.)

Permittivity The degree of electricity transmitted in materials, when electromagnetic waves are externally emitted on them. Permittivity is generally expressed as Ε' for real part and Ε'’ for imaginary part. The real part means the ratio of transmitting electricity, while the imaginary part means the ratio of losing.
Conductivity The property of materials that indicates their ability to conduct electricity through their body

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