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Electromagnetic wave control body

What is "Rubber Phantom" electromagnetic wave control body?

A self-standing human body-shaped model for measuring electromagnetic waves, the メRubber Phantomモ can also be custom-built according to separate body parts.  “Rubber Phantom” is a pseudo-human body for measuring how electromagnetic waves are emitted when electronic devices like mobile phones are operated around people. It is necessary to use a test body produced in the same shape and with the same electrical characteristics as the human body to measure the energy absorbed by people when they are exposed to electromagnetic waves. It is possible to measure real people, but it is difficult to standardize the testing, due to variations in measurement based on age, weight and health condition. Traditionally, containers formed in the shape of a human body and filled with normal saline solution or made from agar and ceramics have been used. However, they have disadvantages in that their electrical characteristics vary according to temperature, they deteriorate over time, and they are difficult to handle because they have heavier mass than a real human body.


“Rubber Phantom” is mainly characterized by the following five points.

• Self-standing • Stable materials
• Adjustable electrical characteristics • Can be manufactured as a whole human body or body part in any posture
• Adjustable hardness and relative density  

As fiber-reinforced plastic is also used to support its frame, “Rubber Phantom” can stand upright on its own like a mannequin. It is made from silicone rubber, and conductive substance such as carbon nanotube is also mixed in to control electrical characteristics. Our blending technology is fully applied to this product.
As silicone rubber has high stability, electrical characteristics do not change according to temperature or humidity in the environment of use. Moreover, it can also be made to hold a mobile phone, as silicone rubber is flexible with high friction performance. Moreover, sensors and chips for measurement can be built into the body in the manufacturing process. We have applied for a patent and have registered the trademark under the name of “Rubber Phantom.”

What is measured by using “Rubber Phantom”?

In a dark room that can absorb and does not reflect electric waves, “Rubber Phantom” is set up with a mobile phone at hand (transmitter). Electric waves are emitted from the mobile phone while rotating the “Phantom” and the strength of waves is measured by receivers on the opposite side.

Available frequency / product variations / results

• 10MHz range Intra-body Communication

Model designed for human body telecommunication
Cylinder-shaped model as test body to control electrical conductivity
Whole body model to control electrical conductivity

• 950MHz range digital TV telecommunication / tag

Carbon electromagnetic wave control sheet for RF-ID (Thickness: 0.05m/m-)
Whole body model to control electrical conductivity

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