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About LED

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a kind of semiconductor to produce light when electricity is conducted. It is generally called luminescent diode in Japan. The LED was developed using the Japan's unique technology of the time. The present technology was fully established in the 1960s resulting in red and green LED, two of the three primary colors, with yellow LED developed later in the 1970s. In the 1990s, a Japanese manufacturer developed a blue LED, and it was in 1996 that the white LED was developed.

Characteristics of LED
Above everything else, the LED is characterized by low energy consumption. It generally uses one-eighth of the power required for electric bulbs and half of that required for fluorescent lights. The second advantage is a longer lifetime. While electric bulbs and fluorescent light are generally replaced in two to three years, LED lasts longer than electric bulbs by several tens of years. Thirdly, the LED is environmentally friendly. Fundamentally, electric bulbs contain lead and fluorescent light contains mercury, but LEDs use no hazardous substances at all. Among its disadvantages, it is difficult for LEDs to produce diversified colors, homogeneous brightness and color tone.


A product to eliminate deviations in color and light

With the promotion of LED use, market needs for more diversified colors and elimination of color tone deviations, etc. have been increasing. Asahi Rubber Inc. can offer more than 10,000 colors with reduced color tone deviations, taking advantage of color tuning / control technology developed over many years for ASA COLOR LAMP CAP. Our ASA COLOR LED are produced by applying a phosphor impregnated, silicone rubber cap onto a blue LED.. Because the attributes of blue LED, such as wavelength and output, are varied, our company classifies the optical properties of blue LED by appropriate ranges. The number of classifications amounts to over 100 and caps suitable for each category are appropriately selected. The types and volumes of phosphor materials added to the caps are adjusted depending on each blue LED to control color tone homogeneously. The blue LED used by our company is mainly a surface mount type or a cannon ball type.

Chromaticity variations

It is possible to make various chromaticities by adjusting the phosphor used for silicone rubber caps, with blue LED as the light source. The rich color variations offer more than 10,000 colors so that customers' desired colors are created.

Actual applications

ASA COLOR LED is mainly applied to in-vehicle devices, such as speedometers, navigation controls, switching, and audio equipment.

▼Automotive applications (LED for interior illumination)

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