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These rubber caps are made by mixing and compounding coloring agents and pigments to silicone rubber to make various colors and cover apply small bulbs (lamp). This product is adopted to in-vehicle interior illumination as light source.

CD roller

This product is designed to guide disc insert and ejection for insert-type CD deck or DVD deck for car audio set.

Rubber Contact

This product is used for switch of car audio set or power window to realize high-quality touch by taking advantage of elasticity of rubber.


This product is used to waterproof power-operated parts of door mirrors and knock sensors of automobiles. It is also used to smoothly move slide part of assist grip at the inside of doors to realize high-quality touch.

Rubber for table tennis rackets

This is a high-performance, high-quality product to realize performances such as rebound resilience to hit balls at high speed and friction resilience to make strong spin.

Rubber products for medical care

These products are applied to disposable products used in the medical care, such as rubber plugs for infusion bags, rubber plugs for vacuum blood collection tubes, or chemical injected rubber plugs. As these products are used for medical equipment and tools, they comply with various regulations and satisfy strict quality standards for material safety and functions to prevent medical accidents.

Micro Pressure Control Valve

A pressure control valve designed to control internal pressures for fuel battery and secondary battery.etc.

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