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Detailed product information on Saporous

Highly shock-absorbent

Saporous has higher shock-absorbent property compared to general urethane foam. It is applied to hip protectors for care goods, shock-absorbent materials for Headgear, and various insoles. It also has high vibration-absorbent property.

▼Figure 1: Comparison of shock-absorbent properties

Highly air breathable and moisture permeable

As Saporous has continuous pore, it is highly air breathable and moisture permeable compare to polyurethane foam, which is also foaming body. Therefore, if Saporous is used for cloth, etc., it can prevent getting stuffy, due to sweat and other reasons.

▼Comparison of moisture permeability

Highly water proof / resistance

Saporous can permeate water vapor but does not transmit water. However, if it is processed with hydrophilic treatment, it can permeate water. The level of water resistance can be 200cm or over, depending on composition, average pore diameter, and sheet thickness. (JIS L1092 Water Resistance Testing Act A)

Highly hygienic

Saporous made from thermoplastic elastomer doest not contain residual vulcanization agents or forming agents, so that it is more hygienic than general polyurethane foam. The level of potassium permanganate consumption generally indicates residual impure substance that may be eluted into water.

▼Potassium permanganate consumption

Comfortable fitting

Compared to general polyurethane foam, Saporous has extremely smaller impact resilience so that it will slowly modify and rebound against pressures. It has the property to disperse load and the rebound time is adjustable. This technology can be used for many applications by making the most of its advantages such as pressure dispersion property, comfortable fitting, and adjustable rebound time.

Pressure dispersion property

It shows high pressure dispersion property under the condition of high pressures, as with insoles. It is applied to various insoles. Under the supervision of a M. D., who is widely acclaimed in the fields of sports medicine and orthopedics, monitoring and data measurement have been undertaken. It was proved that its high shock absorption and pressure dispersion properties were suitable for insole materials and we have obtained formal endorsement for its applications to shoes and long-term care goods.

▼The pressure dispersion data results in case female shoes were worn

Can use washing and drying machines

As Saporous has high water proof property and hardly swell or extract due to water, it has high washing durability. It has also high heat resistance so that it is durable with drying machines (60-75 ℃) It passed internal testing of 120 continuous washing and drying composite test. This means that it is durable for one year approximately.

Freely adjustable hardness and density

Saporous is porous body and has smaller specific gravity compared to silicone gel, so that products with smaller gross mass are made possible.


Density (Mg /m3)



Silicone gel


Silicone gel (Microballoon composition)


Can add functions such as antibacterial and deodorant properties to it

Functions such as antibacterial and deodorant properties can be added to Saporous.
▼The number of bacteria by object quarter in antibacterial testing


The number of bacteria

Staphylococcus aureus

Bacillus coli

Object quarter immediately after inoculating (A)



Object quarter (B)



▼The results of antibacterial testing

Test body

Staphylococcus aureus

Bacillus coli

The number of bacteria

Antibacterial activity value

The number of bacteria

Antibacterial activity value

Saporous without
antibacterial agent



Saporous with 0.3%
antibacterial agent





Saporous with 0.5%
antibacterial agent





Saporous with 1.0%
antibacterial agent





Can sew it

As sewing is possible, Saporous is also suitable for shock-absorbent materials for cloth.

Can add natural colors to it

The base of Saporous is natural white and various colors can be added.

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