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What is Saporous?

A new type forming body which is highly elastic and shock-absorbent. Saporous, or Asahi Rubber-made high molecule porous bodyis continuous porous body that is highly air breathable, moisture permeable, and hygienic, as no residual substance such as vulcanization or forming agents are contained. The framework polymers used for Saporous are mainly thermoplastic elastomer (soft type) or thermoplastic resins (hard type). Prototypes of Silicone Saporous, or silicone-made Saporous are also under development. Regarding production methods, both injection and extrusion molding can be used to choose types of molding, according to customer needs.


• Highly shock-absorbent • Can add functions such as antibacterial and deodorant properties to it
• Highly air breathable and moisture permeable • Can sew it
• Highly water proof / resistance • Can add natural colors to it
Highly hygienic Feels nice
Comfortable fitting Freely adjustable hardness and density
High pressure dispersion Can use washing and drying machines


Making the most of advantages of Saporous, we can apply this technology to tools for welfare and care for the elderly, highly shock-absorbent goods, sport goods, and various filters, etc.

Actual applications

• Hip protectors for care goods (High shock-absorbent)

  • • Headgear for care goods (High shock-absorbent)
  • • Various insoles (High shock-absorbent)
  • • Arch point insoles (High shock-absorbent)
  • • Earplugs for swimming (Water proof)

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