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Pressure Rubber Sensor

■ What is a force rubber sensor?

Capacitance changes continuously in relation to the applied load

The pressure rubber sensor is a load detecting sensor. Capacitance changes continuously in relation to the applied load.
The electrostatic switch detect user's fingers touching the keys. Our force rubber switch can detect load and clicking pressure.
Capacitance is formed by running electricity between conductive rubber and the electrodes printed on the film. Applied load changes the shape of the conductive rubber, which in turn changes the capacitance.
Compared with other company's products, ours has superior linear output, and is characterized by its broad operating temperature limits.
By specially devising the shape of the rubber force sensor, we secure the linearity of output, and are currently awaiting, and have filed a patent.
The standard model only senses vertical loading, but three axle models capable of sensing diagonal load and direction are also available.
Key tops that can be fitted on sensors are also available. Rather than just relying on sensors, the ability to make long strokes and feel your clicks improves the feeling of operation.
We expect it will be useful for input devices ad switches. Because it can sense loads seamlessly, switches that adjust seamlessly with any amount of strength, or switches can freely vary ON/OFF timing.

■ Features

● Linear Change in Capacitance ● High Durability
● Thin・Light・Flexible ● Wide Operating Temperature Rage
● Soft Feel ● Easy Connection and Attachment

■ Applications/Examples of Use

◆ Automotive Input&Control Devices(Load strength detection)
◆ Various Switches(Freely control the ON/OFF timings)
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