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Our website has been completely renewed

This is to inform you that Asahi Rubber Inc. (Head Office: Saitama-shi, Saitama) has completely renewed its website.

In the total renewal, the layout configuration on the top page has been modified to a generally used format for a more visible location of the menus. In addition, usability has been enhanced through adopting changeable font size, etc.

Furthermore, for the purpose of easier hits on search engines such as Google and Yahoo, we have improved our SEO measures (embedding of key words and catch phrases in web pages).

Especially, our product information and technology information have been enhanced so that our site may play a significant role as a sales tool in acquiring new customers.
Treating our representative products of ASA COLOR LED, ASA COLOR LENS, Micro pressure control valve, electromagnetic wave control body and Saporous as focus products, the direct link has been set up from Top page to Products Information. Also, for each product, the section is divided into easy explanation pages for general viewers and information pages providing detailed specifications and so on for specialists.
?In Development and Technology, explanation pages have been set up on our company’s development system and core technologies, i.e. Color / light control technology, Surface modification and micro processing technology and Material denaturalization technology.

The same product information and technical information is provided in our English web page so that it can be used for approaching customers overseas.

We do not consider this site renewal to be the final version, but we will update the site as a tool for transmitting company information according to the times.

Our old website, created in 2003, had difficulty getting search engine hits as the syntax for webpage configuration had become outdated. In addition, as the amount of information listed on the site increased more than initially expected, the layout could no longer cope with the increased load.


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