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Surface modification and micro processing technology

This technology enables attachment by modifying material surface as well as additional functions through micro processing. While material denaturalization technology adds functions to materials internally, this technology adds functions externally.

Solvent-less attachment IC tag

New soft IC tag, which is compact and strong to bending, water, and heat

IC tag is a small-sized information chip. This technology is used for identification and has been studied and evolved as alternative technology to barcode. For example, it is applied to the automated book circulation system for libraries managing a large volume of books, transportation equipment used for logistics, and building security devices like enter/leave management. Thus, this technology has various applications.
By using "solvent-less attachment," one of our surface modification technology to cover IC chip or the antenna part with rubber materials, we developed soft compact IC tag which is strong to bending, water, and heat.

Micro processing technology: Relief valves for secondary battery and fuel battery

We provide parts inevitable for environmental technology such as secondary and fuel battery

Containers for energy including battery require function to release internal pressures. In fact, the function is very sophisticated, as it is required to release pressures whenever internal pressures exceed a certain extent, while serving as lid for other times. This function is enabled by "Micro processing technology." The relief valve based on this technology was applied first to rechargeable secondary battery.
Battery technology including fuel battery has been dramatically evolving, and the relief valve is becoming increasingly important. We are determined to play a major role in promoting environmental technology by making the most of our experience and core technology.

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Micro processing technology: Chemical injected rubber plugs as medical tool

Our micro processing technology was applied to a rubber plug generally to insert a needle for infusion bags.

A chemical injected rubber plug is a part of a system to inject chemical solution. While conventional rubber products are designed with a needle being directly inserted, more and more products are now free of needles. Recently the medical world has been more focused on safety including safe medical tools. Rubber plugs without using needles prevent accidents and are sterilized more easily. We applied our micro processing technology to realize a rubber plug without using needles. Thus, we have contributed to help enhance safety of medical tools by satisfying the required functions i.e. molding chemical solution inlet as well as prevention of leakage for chemical injected rubber plugs without needles.

Flexible heating sheet

Newly developing products that flexible heating sheet insulation-encapsulated by silicone rubber.
Heat conductive silicone rubber independently developed perform superior heat conductivity , flexibility and adhesion at the timing of installation.
In addition, because both flexible heating sheet and heat conductive silicone rubber are glued firmly, it is suitable for water-proof, heat-strength, shock and solvent.

Peltier with flexibility

Newly developing products that combined temperature control function with silicone rubber.
Thanks to use silicone rubber as a base it reduce weight 30% (compared to exsiting).
In addition, become possible to attach to curved surface by making use of flexibility that exisiting peltier does not has.
Furthemore, it does not necessary the elements sounds like grease because superficial rubber absorp asperity.