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Medium-term Management Plan

When formulating our new medium-term management plan, we established our vision for the future with the AR-2020 Vision, looking ahead to 2020 as we divided the six-year medium term into two 3-year terms. The V-2 Plan spans the three-year period from April 2017 to March 2020 and comprises the second half of the medium-term plan. In order to present desirable prospects to existing markets during this stage, we will improve on and develop core technology as we deliver large volumes of secure products at a stable pace and refine our services and material capacity.


Vision (company ideal)

Vision  diagram

-V-2 Plan-

Management policy・Slogan

「V-2 Plan」 Medium-term Goals

Two 「V-2 Plan」 Management Strategies for Achieving Medium-term Management Targets

Major business  Categoriess

  • Automotive/Lighting
  • Medicine/Life Sciences
  • other
  • Overseas Offices
  • Production Bases